How To Upload Footage To FootageVid

We are welcoming publishers to upload footage to FootageVid. In order to do so, you might need to know some information before getting started.

1. Create an account on

2. Prepare your preview footage file in HD 720p resolution including our logo, you will upload this to your Youtube channel or upload to FootageVid as a preview file. If you upload to your Youtube channel or else where, you will use this link to post to FootageVid when creating footage content.

3. Prepare your final footage file in original resolution without our logo or sound and upload to your Google Drive. This is original footage file that has been modified to include very small changes on color (if you need) and remove the sound (if it is not natural, not created from the object in footage), click here to know more about footage upload requirements. You will upload this file to Google Drive and get the link, click here to see how to upload your footage to Google Drive

4. Prepare at least one thumbnail image from the final footage (3 images recommended).

5. Prepare some information about your footage such as the title, description and category that your footage falls into.

6. Know what kind of sharing you would like to do from 4 different types

  • CC0 - No attribution required + Free for commercial use
  • NC - No attribution required + Noncommercial
  • BY - Attribution required + Free for commercial use
  • BY-NC - Attribution required + Noncommercial

7. Start creating your footage using this link.

We highly appreciate your contribution for this first stage of All contributors who join this early stage will get 20% bonus for your commercial footage in the next stage.